Imagine living in a beautifully crafted home with no energy bills, a home filled with daylight and free of chemical toxins, a home that will save you money and support your family's health, a home built to build memories. Welcome to Three Groves Ecovillage.  

Imagine living in a place where your kids can play safely outside without supervision, a place rich with elders and youngsters, a place where neighbors look out for one another, a place that makes you feel really happy. Welcome to Three Groves Ecovillage.  

Imagine that living in your home was making the earth a healthier and safer place, and that living in your community was building a future you can be proud of for your children and grandchildren. Welcome to Three Groves Ecovillage.


In this holiday season and as we approach the end of 2013, we want to give thanks for the entire Three Groves Ecovillage Community: our member families, our architects, engineers, realtor, attorneys, investors, developers and all of you who follow our project and cheer it on.

How to Design Our Neighborhoods for Happiness

Biology is destiny, declared Sigmund Freud.

But if Freud were around today, he might say “design is destiny”—especially after taking a stroll through most modern cities.

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